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Meet the Semih-Pro Staff

If you have clicked on this link, you must be (kinda sorta) interested in learning more about the writers.  Either that, or you discovered this page purely by accident.  Either way, all five writers are alumni of North Olmsted High School (Class of 2010) and Cleveland fanatics.


John (J-Rod) Rodriguez (“Johnny Basketball”)

J-Rod went to Cornell, ya ever heard of it? He enjoys a good hard cider and listening to 90s music,sports podcasts and reading about analytics.  Big Bang Theory and The League are his shows of choice. He was cut from 8th grade basketball tryouts and regretfully rode the bench in 9th, his last stint.  J-Rod is also a retired place kicker and currently resides in the good ole N.O.

Twitter: @jrod109

Kurt (Dirty) Russell (“Gary” Guy)

Kurt Russell is a young professional with a B.S.C.E. from THE Ohio .. Northern University.  For those of you who are wondering where/what that is, it is indeed an accredited school known for pharmacy first and engineering second.  Kurt has loved sports since conception, especially soccer and basketball.  Kurt starred for his 8th grade basketball team, logging a total of 3 points in over 15 minutes of game action.  Unfortunately, he retired after that season because he was “tired of hogging all the playing time”.  Kurt currently resides in Houston, TX.

Twitter: @karussell12

Vandan (V) Chokshi (“Stats Guy”)

V fell in love with the game of basketball watching the 02-03 (The Year Before LeBron: Part 1) Cavaliers – a roster filled with unique talents such as “Wrong Hoop” Ricky Davis, “Discount Double Tap” Darius Miles, Tierre “Air” Brown, Carlos “Benedict” Boozer, Desagana “Its Dinner Time” Diop, Bimbo “No Nickname Needed” Coles, Jumaine “Open For A Reason” Jones, Smush “Kobe’s BFF” Parker, and the GOATWABI (Greatest of All Time With A Bladder Infection) Dajuan Wagner. While he avidly watches basketball as often as possible – and then a little more, his playing career came to end when he refused to guard the smelly kid in 4th grade.

Twitter: @VforVandanetta

Bryan (Deeken) Deeken (“Kings Guy”)

Bryan attended Ohio State where he received a BA in unemployment (political science and philosophy). His educational career has allowed him to be long winded and hyper critical of things such as meta-physics, ontology, and NBA basketball player’s personalities. (Chris Bosh is a little spoon) Bryan enjoys reading every night before he cuddles in bed with his cat, Peter. Bryan also enjoys talking about himself in the third person.

Bryan’s athletic experiences include but are not limited to running, tennis, biking, playing in one intramural baseball game (struck out twice, committed one error), being the glue/ energy guy on several mildly successful B-league intramural basketball teams.

In-fact, Bryan was so mildly successful in his B-league intramural basketball team, he was asked to captain the team his senior year and lead the team to a bounce back year. While part of this may be due to the fact that as team captain Bryan reduced his own minutes, let’s not let the fact that Bryan made that decision that seemingly led to mild success.

Twitter: @Forest17City96

Rahul (Capitan) Mital (“Kardashian Guy”)

At the end of his high school career, Rahul Mital came to the sad realization that he could no longer get by solely on his natural good-looks and his boyish charm.  It was at this point Rahul decided to further his education at THE Ohio State University, where he graduated with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Psychology.  He currently works as a researcher at the Wexner Medical Center, as well as a teacher for the Princeton Review.  Rahul enjoys playing tennis and guitar, watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, and hanging out with his friends (among other things).

Rahul’s love of the game was never quite enough to overcome his lack of size, poor vision, and medically-diagnosable lack of athleticism.  As a result, his basketball career was over before it started…Long before it started.  That’s why he is here as a writer for Semih-Pro.  Rahul considers it a blessing to be able to reach out to others and talk about a sport he loves, while at the same time being able to use the blog as a way to stay close to some of his oldest and greatest friends.



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