What is Semih-Pro?


Hello everyone!  This blog site, affectionately named Semih-Pro, features contributions from five very close high school friends that have almost all recently graduated college and are attempting to be adults in the real world.  This blog serves as our escape from the real world, where we can vent and talk about sports (mainly Cleveland sports, as we are all native Clevelanders) and (hopefully) offer a fresh perspective on the latest topics and trends in sports today that is not too biased towards our hometown teams.

For those of you wondering, yes, we are able to spell.  Semih-Pro is named after beloved Cavailer, Semih Erden, who spent two blissful years with the Cavaliers back in 2010-2012, totaling 32 games played.  For those of you wondering who Semih Erden is, one of our writers, John Rodriguez, describes him as “as tantalizing as baklava”, which should paint an interesting picture.

If you hadn’t noticed already, our writers are a bit quirky. Yes, that is an affectionate way of saying that we are weird nerds who simply love sports (and no, cheerleading is not a sport, let’s put that debate to rest).  If you are interested in learning more about the five writers, see our Bios page.

Also, we would like to make a huge shoutout to Bill Simmons and all of the writers at Grantland, whose approach to writing is both informative and captivating.  Bill, if you ever see this, we love Cleveland sports even more than you love Boston sports.  And that is despite Cleveland being in a 50-YR championship drought.


Semih-Pro staff